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Fischer & Fischer Klein Slate Speaker with Bespoke Stand in Slate

Fischer & Fischer Klein Slate Speaker with Bespoke Stand in Slate


Building loudspeakers with natural slate cabinets is most logical.

Due to its flaky, layered structure, its negligible re-sounding or re-echoing qualities and its extremely high mass, the material boasts extraordinary acoustic properties.

The vibration-sensitive wooden loudspeaker cabinets customarily used deplete the loudspeaker chassis of energy because they incite the cabinet panels to vibrate.

In slate cabinets, on the other hand, the entire energy of the loudspeaker is available to incite the surrounding air. The audible outcome:

The bass response demonstrates greater dynamics and audio level.

The optical and aesthetic plus:

Non-bulky cabinets dimensioned especially for living quarters.

The energy balance of natural slate is not only superior in the bass range. In the tweeter range, the extreme mass reactance of the material ensures that the membranes vibrating as a result of sound amplitudes are not offset by resonating baffles. This feature generates a music fidelity essentially richer in nuances and with greater impulses than usual.

And the »colour« of the tone makes the music what it is: Apart from the natural slate version, you can apply your own favourite colour note to each loudspeaker. Polished and painted in any RAL or automobile colour.

response (+/- 3 dB)60 - 30.000 Hz

Impedance4 ohms

Sensitivity85 dB (1 W / 1 m)

Max. acoustic pressure105 dB

Function principlebass reflex

Bass-midrange system100 mm long piston bass-midrange speaker with paper membrane

Treble system22 mm silk dome tweeter and neodymium magnet system

Connecting terminalSingle Wire

Cabinet material12 / 20 mm thick low-resonance natural slate

Dimensions slate cabinet (H x W x D)220 mm x 130 mm x 200 mm

Weight7,1kg each

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